Hi. My name is Rob Drimmie, I am a developer.

Since 1994 I have been developing software in a professional context as a co-op student, employee, founder, freelancer, or volunteer. I've mostly written software for the web, but I've also written native software for mobile and desktop platforms. I've written software to help people improve the work they do, for bank machines to communicate, to tell people what to do right now, and to manage enterprise reporting infrastructures.

I am a developer of software.

I was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario and currently live with my family in its twin city, Kitchener. I am an increasingly active member of the Waterloo technology community. I have attended events, I have helped organize and host 200-attendee mini-conferences, and I continue to facilitate monthly gatherings for developers and entrepreneurs.

I am a developer of community.

Since 2011 I have managed over 40 co-op students, interns, full-time and contract developers and designers. I have recruited, trained, mentored, advised and watched proudly over the years as a large group of brilliant colleagues began, continued or reinvested in their careers.

I am a developer of talent.

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